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Please note that the newly released SITVIT2 (an updated version of SpolDB4 and SITVITWEB) is now freely available at: http://www.pasteur-guadeloupe.fr:8081/SITVIT2/

SITVIT is a Mycobacterium tuberculosis molecular markers database. It contains two major types of molecular markers: Spoligotypes and VNTR-MIRU markers. Spoligotypes are patterns formed by the presence or absence of 43 spacers in the DR locus of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This pattern can be seen as a 43 digit pattern or under a reduced octal form of only 15 numbers. MIRU markers (Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units) are variable number of tandem repeats markers. The MIRU method currently used on Mycobacterium tuberculosis is composed of 12 different MIRU loci. A mirutype is a 12 digits pattern representing the number of repetitions of each of these 12 specific loci. The database actually contains 39609 entries from 121 isolation countries This web page provides tools for database queries as well as conversion tools in order to convert binary and octal values of spoligotypes.

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