Submit data for the SitVit database

If you wish to submit spoligotype or VNTR-MIRU data for the SitVit database, please download and fill the following excel file. Please write to Nalin Rastogi (nrastogi[at]pasteur-guadeloupe.fr¹) in order to send your data file.

Excel model file
Detailed instructions (Word document)

Reminder :
  1. Each single entry should correspond to a single isolate.
  2. Provide as much information as possible.
  3. Minimal information (mandatory for database submission) is :
  4. Strain number (laboratory number of the isolate and not an arbitrary serial number)
  5. Year of isolation
  6. Isolation country
  7. Name of the investigator (separately for each marker : spoligotyping, MIRU-VNTRs etc.)

¹ : [at] is used to avoid spam. Please, replace by @. JSP Page

Please note that the newly released SITVIT2 (an updated version of SpolDB4 and SITVITWEB) is now freely available at:

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