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This online access to a WorldWide database of genotyping markers for Mycobacterium bovis is provided by the Institut Pasteur de la Guadeloupe. One can find more details in the description section. The aim of this website is to provide a platform using several Bioinformatics tools to monitor and describe the worldwide spread of Mycobacterium bovis strains. SITVIT Bovis website also allows to get information on epidemiology, hosts, demography, drug resistance, and molecular genotyping. With a total of 25,741 isolates, SITVITBovis, alongside with other databases dedicated to animal mycobacteria (such as Mbovis.org and mycoDB.es), further allows to have a global insight into M. bovis population structure and worldwide distribution. A preliminary link with WGS data can be found HERE.

For information on how to use this database please read the User guide

For full description, see the following publication:

Couvin D, Cervera-Marzal I, David A, Reynaud Y, Rastogi N. 2022. SITVITBovis-a publicly available database and mapping tool to get an improved overview of animal and human cases caused by Mycobacterium bovis. Database (Oxford). 2022:baab081. PMID: 35028657

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