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  • The TB & Mycobacteria Unit at Institut Pasteur de la Guadeloupe (established 1993) has developed a well known expertise in diagnostics and research; it collaborates today with research groups worldwide with special emphasis on global M. tuberculosis epidemiology and population genetics, genetic fingerprinting databases (construction and management), and use of Bioinformatical tools for data-mining of M. tuberculosis genetic polymorphism.

    It was designated as a "WHO Supranational TB Reference Laboratory" in 2009, with activity focused on TB diagnostics, identification, drug-resistance determination, and continued collaboration with regional health authorities & research laboratories both in Latin-America/Caribbean as well as other continents.

  • For more information, please visit our web-page at: TB Unit

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    All queries and permission demands regarding this database should be addressed to Nalin Rastogi, PhD (nrastogi[at]pasteur-guadeloupe.fr) )

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