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Correction to online SITVITWEB database (Feb 17th, 2017)

Since the online database was released in 2012, we came across an error regarding mislabeling of SIT639, SIT641, and SIT642 as PINI1 lineage (instead of MICROTI as earlier described in SpolDB4 version in 2006). This error was caused by revised linear rules of spoligotyping in SITVITWEB. Consequently, strains belonging to SIT639, SIT641, and SIT642 should be considered as MICROTI lineage, and are reclassified as such in the future SITVIT2 version to be released soon.

Correction to online SITVITWEB database (Dec 1st, 2016)

Since the online database was released in 2012, we came across a shift in octal codes for certain SITs (n=57 patterns) starting from number 2667. Hence, the table below should be taken as definitive with regard to SITs, and their binary and octal representations (SITs numbered 2667 to 2786).

- You can download the Revised SITs table as PDF or Excel file.

- You can also download the Supplemental table S1 from SITVITWEB publication Here.

This online access to the largest WorldWide database of genotyping markers for Mycobacterium tuberculosis is provided by the Institut Pasteur de Guadeloupe. You will find more details in the description section. You can use the query tools to access the contents of this database using different criteria.

For Full description, see the Following publication:

Demay C, Liens B, Burguière T, Hill V, Couvin D, Millet J, Mokrousov I, Sola C, Zozio T, Rastogi N. 2012. SITVITWEB - A publicly available international multimarker database for studying Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity and molecular epidemiology. Infect Genet Evol. 12 : 755-766

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