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Submit data for the SitVit database

If you wish to submit spoligotype or VNTR-MIRU data for the SitVit database, please download the following excel file. Please fill it carefully and send it to Dr. Nalin Rastogi (nrastogi@pasteur-guadeloupe.fr)

Excel model file
Read Instructions to fill the excel file

How to fill the ModeleMIRU excel file :

Excel File FIELD
Field Properties
Strain No. Strain number only. If possible make it 5 digits long, e.g., write 00017 if your strain number is 17. REQUIRED
Old Iso Number Fill only if the same strain has already been submitted to the database (e.g. you are using it to submit new information on the same strain, such as MIRUs data for a strain for which only Spoligotyping data was submitted). OPTIONAL
No. of isolates If possible, mention only 1 isolate/patient (which means that if you have 15 isolates with the same pattern, but from different patients, please enter them separately, with individual isolate numbers for each). REQUIRED
Year of isolation As a 4 digit value, e.g. 1999, 2001 etc., if unknown put 0000 REQUIRED
Mycobacterial Species Must be one of the M. tuberculosis complex sub-species e.g., M. tuberculosis, M. africanum, M. bovis, M. caprae etc., (leave empty if identification was not done further than "M. tuberculosis complex") OPTIONAL
Isolation Country

Country of isolation of the isolate as a 3 letter code available at ftp://ftp.ripe.net/iso3166-countrycodes.txt (this item may need a subscription). However, these 3 letter codes are freely available at a link by Wikipedia :
Country names in English : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-3
Country names in French : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1#Table_de_codage
In case of problem, these codes are also provided by the United Nations Statistical Division:  http://unstats.un.org/unsd/methods/m49/m49alpha.htm

Isolation City The city of isolation (if not mentioned, the country capital will be used in the database). OPTIONAL
Country of origin / Ethnic background of patient If available, as a 3 letter code(same links as Isolation Country : for some countries, it may be considered unethical to give information on ethnic background. In this case, the country of origin may be a helpful indicator) OPTIONAL
Sex / Age of patient If available, sex as “M" or "F", age in "years" OPTIONAL
Spoligotype 43

Fill as follows
- Either with the 15 digit octal code of the spoligotype
- Or with the 43 spacer binary code (mention "1" or "n" for a positive spot, and for 0, "zero" or letter "o" for negative spot)


12 digit MIRU values only (in the order MIRU 2-4-10-16-20-23-24-26-27-31-39- and 40)

ETRs (A to E) 5 digit VNTRs representing Exact Tandem Repeats A, B, C, D, E
Investigator name of the investigator (Name + initials, e.g. "Kremer, K.") REQUIRED
Laboratory Code leave empty (will be filled by us) LEAVE EMPTY
Publication publication(s) referring to the isolate, otherwise leave empty. OPTIONAL
Drug susceptibility Fill as follow :
  1. mention "0" for unknown
  2. mention "1" for strain susceptible to all drugs
  3. mention "2" for MDR-TB (combined resistance to INH-RIF - with or without resistance to other drugs)
  4. mention "3" for any other resistance. (Mention details in the "Comments" column (see below))
  5. mention "4" for proven XDR-TB (see definition here : XDRTB = MDRTB (INH+RIF) + Resistance to a fluoroquinolone* + any 1 of 3 injectable 2nd-line drugs (capreomycin, kanamycin, amikacin). (Mention details in the "Comments" column (see below))
Comments Specify drug resistances as asked above ; also provide any clinical and/or demographic information worth mentioning, e.g. HIV serology, any prevalent clusters, etc., this list is not exhaustive. OPTIONAL

Supervisor & Web Content Manager : Dr. Nalin RASTOGI

Validation : Dr. Thierry ZOZIO

Please note that the newly released SITVIT2 (an updated version of SITVITWEB) is now freely available at: http://www.pasteur-guadeloupe.fr:8081/SITVIT2/